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[29.01.2004 | 04:42]
[ mood | tired ]

Everyone has been deleted off of this journal's friends list. It is nothing personal but this journal is inactive so I figured that I might as well. If you are interested in keeping up with my life, and have not done so already, please go to my new journal here. Thank you.

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f.y.i. [28.09.2003 | 06:59]
[ mood | exanimate ]

This journal is inactive. If you want to read my new journal go here

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... dead ... [28.08.2003 | 11:26]
[ mood | grateful ]

This journal is now inactive. I am not going to delete it because I have had it for so long, but I will no longer be writing in it after this. If you would like to continue to read about my life, please leave a comment here

[11.08.2003 | 01:25]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

For personal reasons I have decided that I need to trim down my friends. I am sorry to anyone that gets deleted. It is nothing personal. It isn't that I don't like you. I am just not comfortable with so many people that I do not know on a close enough basis being able to read what I have to say. I know that most of what I say is not important but I feel that this is necessary right now. Thank you to everyone that added me. I appreciate it. I am glad that you showed some interest in my life. Goodbye and again, I am sorry, don't take it personally.

If you really want to be re-added then comment in my last public entry that you can comment in...

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Just for your information [29.01.2003 | 22:38]
[ mood | lethargic ]

This journal is friends only. If you want to be able to see it then comment on this post, e-mail me, or get in touch with me somehow so that I can add you.

Every one that is already on my friends list, please disregard this post...

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Ugh [29.09.2002 | 23:03]
[ mood | tired ]

I ended up getting called into work today... I'm tired and I get no day to sit around and do nothing this week. I have to go open a checking account tomorrow, then go to the chiropractor, and then to work again. I am going to try and make it to Beauty Alliance too because I need to pick up the stuff that is supposed to turn my hair white since I am having it done Tuesday.

p.s.It has been brought to my attention that there has been some confusion as to where the Hocico after party is being held. It is NOT happening at the Castle. It is happening at a club called the Garage. The club is located in Downtown Tampa and I will post the address and directions as soon as that information has been given to me.

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[27.09.2002 | 21:21]
[ mood | excited ]


I'm dancing for it, as is Julie ;o]

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pretty london after midnight bald boy [20.08.2002 | 03:38]

I like pretty bald boys ;o]

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~*~ sigh ~*~ [16.07.2002 | 02:06]
[ mood | crazy ]

Thursday - Sunday were probably some of the worst days of my life. Mandy went to Ft.Latida with this guy Thursday morning and was supposed to be back Friday morning. Well, his car broke down. So I was stuck at Mandy's until she got back. Saturday night Patrick and I decided that we were going to take my car down there to pick her up because she was saying that the soonest that she would be able to get back up here would be Monday night. So we went down there... We stopped at Patrick's Dad's house because that is where we told Mandy to be. Well, she wasn't there, she was at Frank's. The car wouldn't start when I tried so we had to have Patrick's Dad give us a jump start so that we could get to Frank's. When we got there Frank was sleeping so Mandy had to call her friend Jason to come and give us another jump start so that we could get on the road heading back to Tampa. Well, he came and we got going. At Ft.Pierce we had to stop for gas, we left the car running. As soon as I put it into drive it stalled. So we pushed it over to a parking space and attempted to find someone to give us a jump. A very hard feet indeed. I was wearing a Pyschotica T-shirt (the 'a' on the end is easy to miss), Mandy was in a shirt with a woman on the front with a ball gag in her mouth that said "SHUT UP BITCH" in huge letters and Patrick was in a Hocico shirt that had "666" in huge font on the front. I don't blame them for being afraid of us. Well, finally we got someone to try jump starting the car and it didn't start. So we went back into the gas station and called everyone that we knew looking for some kind of answer. Well, Mandy's friend Jennifer from work said that she would drive over and try to help. While we were waiting for her, the lady at the front desk came and told us that a guy that she knew offered to give us a jump start (she had seen us going in and out and wandering around looking very desperate). So we went outside and her friend (an attractive bald guy with a goatee ;o]) came over and gave us a jump start and the car started. He told me to turn it off right away so I did. He told me that my alternator was broken. He said that it looked fairly new and that if I had the warranty information he would take it out, go and switch it for a new one and then put the new one in for me. Well, unfortunately I did not have the info with me. So I called my Dad and told him what the problem was. He said to come back with Jennifer and leave the car there and that we would just come back and fix it and then drive it home. Well, I told him that what we would do is get another jump start and drive it as far as we could get it and then leave it there. I figured that we should try and get it as close to home as possible. He agreed with me and said that would be fine. So, after Jennifer got there she jump started us and we were on our way. It started raining and we started to stall again but I got us through to the Yeehaw Junction where it completely died. We tried to jump it again and it wouldn't do it. So, Mandy, Patrick and I got to ride from Yeehaw Junction to Tampa in the back of Jennifer's pick up truck. Jennifer got a little confused and took us about 20 miles out on 75 south so then we had to ride the 20 miles back to get going the right way again. Finally we got to Mandy's and I called Hot Topic (in University Mall) and found out that I got a job there. So then we drove over to my house so that Mandy could get her car. I rode with my Mom and Dad back down to the Yeehaw Junction to fix the car and drive it back. We did that and finally got back home around 1:30am Monday morning. We went to eat and then got home around 2:30. A fucking mess... but I have a job heh. I go in Friday to fill out some more papers and to start my training and my first official day is Saturday. So come and visit me and buy stuff so that I look like a good employee ;oþ

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Schooooooooooool [10.07.2002 | 17:46]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I went in and registered today. I start on the 23rd of this month :oD I have to go and give them some money for my kit before I start school. I am SO excited! I get all this fun stuff! A super blow dryer, a mannequin head, clippy things, brushes, scissors, eeeeee! :oD

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